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In this present age and time, the number one producer of retractable awning electronics globally is Somfy. The outstanding company specializes in awning electronics and retractable awning motors for home roll-up equipment like interior shades, exterior shades, and retractable awnings. Today, every piece of electric equipment gets approval from the usual state-building electric standards and guidelines outlined by Somfy.

LT Motor Model

The LT motor model by Somfy currently has the best quality in the industry. So, how does the LT Motor operate? You can control the LT motor model using a hardwired switch installed on the wall. This product is exceptional; hence you can always count on it to cater to most of your requirements. Furthermore, the LT motor model offers a copper-bottomed guarantee of excellent functionality, efficiency, and longevity. With this in mind, always look out for Somfy motorized products. You can rest assured that you are placing a good bet on them! Besides, Somfy systems are user-friendly. They keep your outdoor and indoor living areas as cool as possible, and safeguard you from the harmful effects of the sun. Experts report that Somfy systems help you reduce your temperatures by at least 20 degrees. Ultimately, these products are worth the investment. They help you regulate your automated awning using a simple button.

RTS Motor Model

The other dependable product from Somfy is the Remote Control Motors using Radio Technology Somfy® (RTS). This model is the best option for controlling window awnings, rolling screens, and retractable patio awnings. The RTS motor model offers fast and straightforward installation. This product is also flexible enough to enable you to modify the features and include extra shades or awnings without any physical installation. You can operate this system using a simple remote from the comfort of your lounging area. The RTS motor model integrates technical features and creative layouts to provide a robust configuration, fewer maintenance procedures, and model dependability.

CMO Motor Model

Another Somfy product is the Crank Manual Override motor. This model is specially designed for homeowners living in areas that experience power blackouts from time to time. The CMO motor model has a disruption feature that helps individuals control the awning even when there is a power outage. This feature is not only found in the CMO motor model but also in the RTS Somfy products.

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