Awning Components

Square bar

Here at Creative Awnings, we use a square bar made of steel that measures 40 by 40mm. This component is often responsible for helping the retractable awning withstand all harsh climatic conditions. A coat of zinc gets applied to the steel square bar to protect it from rusting. Afterward, the bar gets powder coated. The square bar also holds the brackets that keep the awning in place. Luckily, you can place the brackets anywhere on the steel square bar.

Roller Tube

Another component of a retractable awning is the roller tube. This feature is robust to offer sufficient tightness on the material. Like the square bar, it contains a protective zinc coating both on its exterior and interior surfaces.

Arm Bracket

Our awnings come with arm brackets connected to the square bar. The arm bracket attaches the square bar to the triple spring-loaded arms. Here, you can adjust the awning based on your requirements. Moreover, it has an automatic wind lock feature that helps it stay in place. This way, it does not bounce upwards. In turn, strong winds, among other harsh climatic conditions, cannot cause any damage to the awning.

Front Bar Connectors

The next awning component is the front bar connector. This component attaches the arms with the front rail. The front bar connectors also help the retractable awning withstand strong winds. Also, it protects the wind from getting into the entire awning system, thus preventing internal and external damage.


The arms are the center point of every awning system. At Creative Awnings, our arms are strong and weather resistant. They have robust aluminum walls and inner springs. In fact, our awning arms stand out in the market. They prolong the durability of your awning system.

Also, we have folding arms that offer a broad spectrum of benefits. They are weather-resistant and offer maximum traction due to their lubricated bearings. And like most equipment, they incorporate stainless steel bolts to prevent rusting. Our folding arms are exceptional since they contain three separate antirust cables, each connected to an internal spring. Hence, they go a long way in holding the fabric firmly.


Our awnings use powder-coated aluminum hoods measuring 7’’. There is a shield made of rubber on the back section of the hood, which is in charge of keeping the aluminum hood near the wall. On the other hand, the aluminum hood has a drain rail on the front section. This drain rail is responsible for preventing the excess build-up of water on the aluminum hood. The drain rail also has end caps that offer extra protection and makes it look appealing.