Retractable Awnings For Patios Much Better Than Umbrellas

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Many homeowners found out the hard way this season that a conventional patio umbrella while a less expensive alternative, certainly does have it’s drawbacks. For one the instability of patio umbrellas makes them prone to tipping in even a modest gust of wind. A sudden spat of rain might send you and your party goers scrambling indoors for a spell, only to find out later that the latest summer storm has claimed yet another patio umbrella. It’s a problem that’s inherent to glass patio tables as well that utilize a free standing patio umbrella with a weighted base.

Retractable Awnings Are Better For Patios Than Free Standing Umbrellas – Safer Too!

This Patio Umbrella Is Ready For The Trash

  • Retractable awning isn’t part of your patio furniture
  • Wind won’t cause your awning to shatter your table
  • Retractable awnings close with just the push of a button
  • Sturdier in inclement weather than a free standing umbrella
  • The average lifespan of a patio umbrella is less than a season
  • We have the best retractable awning for patios
  • Average lifespan of a retractable awning is over 10 years
  • Peace of mind knowing your awning is sturdy and secure


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Forget to Close Your Free Standing Patio Umbrella During a Storm And It Can Wind Up Costing You Big Time!

Summer Storm Claims Another Patio Table

Forgetting to close your patio umbrella and secure it away from the patio table is often the cause of broken patio table glasstops. A strong wind can cause the umbrella to strike the side of the glass and cause it to shatter.

Retractable Awning owners don’t have that nuisance of having to stow their patio umbrella in the rain; they enjoy the convenience of being able to instantly retract their awning with the push of a button. This is definitely advantageous for homeowners who are forgetful about closing the patio umbrella during a storm. While we still recommend that you retract your awning during a storm, it’s reassuring to know that your patio table won’t become a casualty of forgetfulness. Retractable awnings are sturdy and made to withstand inclement weather and sudden gusts of wind.

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