Considerations Before Installing a Retractable Awning

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For many years, homeowners have used deck and patio areas to relax, dine, and hold special events with their loved ones. Nonetheless, it can be challenging to continue relaxing in your patio or backyard on a sunny or rainy day. You would have to move back into the house. But what if we told you there is a quick solution to this problem? Installing a retractable awning not only boosts the yard’s aesthetics but also safeguards you from the sun and rain.

A Retractable Awning Lets You Enjoy Favorable Temperatures In Your Outdoor Living Space

Aside from protecting you against the harmful effects of the sun, a retractable awning provides the most favorable temperatures for your patio area. Experts report that these incredible features have the potential to lower the temperatures by 20 degrees.

Which Retractable Awning Is the Best – Automatic or Manual

“Currently, there are two major types’ retractable awnings; manual and automatic”, Dominick Ciminiello, president of Creative Awnings says. Manual awnings are often operated by hand while a simple remote mostly controls automatic awnings. Usually, automatic awnings are more costly than manual awnings.

Even so, automatic awnings have gained more popularity among most homeowners over recent years. In fact, 70% of our sales in the previous year comprised of automatic awnings,” Mr. Dominick Ciminiello reports.

On average, a hand-cranked retractable awning measuring 11’9″ x 10′ costs approximately $2,000. If you’d like to buy a larger option, you may end up spending about $2,799. As seen earlier, automatic awnings are more effective and user-friendly compared to manual awnings. It would cost you an additional $499 to get the automatic option. Mr. Ciminiello states, “Both awning types are advantageous. Automatic awnings are user-friendly while manual awnings come in handy when there is a power blackout.

Over the years, experts have come up with automatic awnings which incorporate sun and wind sensors. Such awnings open and close themselves depending on the condition of the weather. For example, on a sunny day, the retractable awning will automatically open itself. And on a rainy day, the awning would close itself. Of course, awnings with special features are much more costly; expect to spend $500 extra.

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