Guide For 2021 Buyers- Retractable Awnings

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If you plan to buy a retractable awning, it would be best if you evaluated all the different types of awnings. Remember, there are a wide variety of retractable awnings you can use to modify your patio or yard space. So, ensure you understand all the functions and features provided by various motorized retractable awnings. This way, you’ll be able to know what works best for you. This article looks at some of the features offered by retractable awnings and why they have a high demand.

2021 Popular Features That Buyers Look For in Retractable Awnings

Automatic Motorized Outshines Hand Cranked

Typically, some retractable awnings are manual. So, you would have to extend and position them by yourself. Unlike automated awnings, hand cranked awnings offer less durability. These awnings are not user-friendly since you’ll have to use more time and effort when operating them. Consequently, the popularity of hand cranked awnings is much less than the automated version.

Automation Features

One of the features of automated awnings is that they can open and close automatically depending on the weather condition. So, on hot sunny days, some motorized awnings will automatically open to provide shade. Also, when the weather starts getting cold, they retract. The majority of luxury hotel owners often prefer retractable awnings with sun and wind sensors. These features are increasingly becoming popular among most homeowners.

Side Shade Panels

Invented in 2017, the side shade panel is an ideal accessory for your outdoor space. Side shade panels offer extra protection from sunlight due to their roll down side panels. Thus, this feature offers the perfect chills spot in your backyard since you get protected from the sun’s rays from all sides. Luckily, most homeowners love this feature. Hence, its demand is expected to increase soon.

Increase Demand Over time

With the rapid expansion of the industry, experts are coming up with more features to improve retractable awnings’ functionality and aesthetics. Unlike before, this feature is becoming more common and is no longer an identification of one’s social status. A good percentage of homeowners now know that retractable awnings are worth the purchase due to the wide range of benefits they offer. Besides, the installation process of a retractable awning is pretty straightforward. And this spectacular feature lets you upgrade your home and host your guests in your outdoor living area.

Price Guide For Retractable Awning Buyers 2021

Now that you have decided to install a retractable awning, it’s time to analyze the costs. Based on a previous survey involving 1000 people who own retractable owners, the average price of installing a retractable awning was $3,800. Of course, the price varies depending on the type of awning and the company you hire. You can end up spending as much as $4,500 and as low as $2,000. Fortunately, most companies offer a premium for the installation process. Moreover, ensure that you select a dependable company with extensive experience and specialization in retractable awning installation. Second, avoid trying out companies or contractors who have very minimal training and experience.