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One of the oldest awning installation companies in Pennsylvania is the Creative Awnings. Founded in 1988, this company has constantly managed to provide quality awning installation services and gain an extensive clientele. As a result, Creative Awnings ventured into a new market in the Allentown / Bethlehem market. Our retractable awnings stand out in the market due to our wide range of experience. We have an excellent reputation, thanks to our professionals who exhibit exceptional customer service. So, do not hesitate to give us a call to get a free quote.

More often than not, we receive inquiries and bookings from homeowners looking for a high quality retractable awning installer. Pennsylvania has a few to choose from, but our company is rated the highest and has the longest track record for successful installations.

Five Star Rating from Better Business Bureau

Suppose you are a homeowner looking for a reputable awning installation company; look no further. Here at Creative Awnings, we provide a broad spectrum of quality retractable awning designs that complement your yard. Also, you can count on us to deliver a professional awning installation. With us, you rest assured that the retractable awning will provide maximum durability.

Our company is available both online and on Yellow pages. All you have to do is search for awning installation services in New Jersey. Moreover, you can always locate our company on Yelp. We have the highest ranking in Pennsylvania due to our excellent and quality services. Note that when you are looking for a professional installer, you have to consider a few things. First, you have to make sure that the awning installer has legal credentials, a valid license, and certification. Moreover, ensure that they have a reliable insurance cover and a good reputation. Failure to do so would be setting yourself up for trouble.

Exceptional Services – Durable And Premium Retractable Awnings

Our retractable awnings are high quality hence offer high longevity. Thus, you can use your retractable owing for more than a decade. Besides, our experts at Creative Awnings are dedicated and committed to portraying excellent customer service. All in all, we put our customers first; and that’s why we look forward to working with you if you live in Pennsylvania.