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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

What is the lifespan of a Retractable Awning?

This retractable awning’s rough hardwearing framework will last over fifteen years. Provided that you look after it, the awning can offer many years of dependable, stress-free service.

How long can it last?

Manufacturers globally prefer acrylic fabrics. This fabric offers many years of protection against mildew, rot, and fading. The top-quality fabric manufacture that Creative Awnings uses comes with a warranty of 10 years. With the right care, your fabric can last a decade or longer. You can check out the care section on this site to get the care directions.

Which is better, a manual or motorized awning?

It’s important to motorize if your awning is sixteen feet or bigger or if you don’t have any physical restrictions. Manual awnings require twelve feet and below; however, it all depends on personal preference. No matter your choice, you are guaranteed that the Creative Awnings systems will offer stress-free use for years.

How will you attach the awning to the house?

You can attach the unit to your house using a few ways—roof, soffit, and wall mount. The popular method is the wall. Expert installers of awnings can know the best installation for your specific home or store.

How much can you project a retractable?

A retractable awning will protrude as far as 13 feet and as little as 5 feet. The popular size is ten to twelve feet.

What is the lowest height for installing one?

Usually, the lowest height is eight feet; anything below needs you to mount on the roof. Ranch style homes work well with roof mounted awnings. Roof mount brackets create no water trap as they will safely let snow and water pass. You’ll find that the mounting brackets are coated with powder and aluminum. These have a similar color as the frame and offer beauty and protection.

Can the rain damage my retractable awning?

You can use the Creative Awnings mostly for the sun and retract them in a downpour. This will help prevent the “pooling” of rainwater on the fabric that can cause it to stretch permanently. But you can use your awning in misty rain or light rain when there’s no strong wind.

Why should you purchase retractable awnings?

These units offer many years of protection from hazardous UV rays. A retractable awning is perfect for entertaining since it lets your guests unwind and feel comfy. It will also add value to your house. It is easy to store away when you’re not using it. But once you’ve bought and used your new unit, you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits it comes with for years.

Is there a need for an electrician to attach my awning?

Yes, it is important that you seek the services of a licensed electrician. But it’s not a must as many people opt to use our “plug in” system and use a portable remote.

What does the warranty cover?

It often covers the fabric that gets unserviceable due to color loss or strength from everyday exposure situations, which include atmospheric chemicals, mildew, sun rays, and rot. The warranty doesn’t cover installation and labor supplied by the seller.

What is the work of Glen Raven?

Glen Raven’s work is to supply new fabric for replacing the unserviceable fabric. Labor isn’t included and might vary.

How do you get service?

Give us a call to check the awning installation. You can also contact another Sunbrella® seller that’s listed in the Yellow Pages under “Boat Top and Covers” or “Canopies and Awnings.” After that, the seller will get in touch with Glen Raven and secure substitute fabric to suit your needs.

What preparations are there for winter?

It would be best if you took out the front valance but not compulsory. Just take out the two screws, take out the valance and return end caps. Look for a cool-dry spot to store valance.

How will State law apply?

You get specific legal rights with this warrant, and you might have other rights that vary from one State to another.

How long does the cover period go for?

It will run for ten years from the original installation date.

Download Owners Manual

Download Retractable Awning Owner’s Manual
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Read Our Warranty

The Warranty of this product applies only to the original purchaser who paid for the product.The warranty can not be transferred to subsequent owner or owners. Creative Awnings’s warrants that its Retractable Awning Frames be defective free in materials and workmanship.

Creative Awnings’s Retractable awning Systems are primarily used for solar protection. To avoid possible damage the awning should be retracted in high winds, heavy rain, snow, hurricanes and any bad weather conditions. Its recommended that the awning should be retracted over night and long periods when homeowner is absent. Owner should not depend on any type of sensor (sun, wind, etc) to guard against weather damage. Furthermore sensors or any kind should not be a reliable guarantee to close your awning in case owner is not present. Power failures will render your awning inoperable and will not be covered under warranty.

Creative Awnings’s Awnings uses the finest Quality awning components and are backed by a 10 Year Limited Warranty to the original purchaser. Any said defects must be reported in writing to Creative Awnings’s Awnings with proof of purchase and date. Creative Awnings’s’s limited warranty, that the mechanism to be free of factory defects in material and workmanship under normal proper use for the above stated period.

Creative Awnings’s sole obligation under this limited warranty is to replace or repair the awning components that are so defected. The limited warranty is void if Creative Awnings’s determines that the product has been altered, misused, abused or installed improperly or serviced by an unauthorized dealer. Should those original components become discontinued Creative Awnings will repair or replace it with whats currently being used. This new replaced part shall apply to the original warranty period.

This warranty excludes or does not cover normal wear and tear.Lack of maintenance,faulty installation or re installation, damages to paint exposed to salty water environments. This limited warranty does not cover wear,tear, scratches weather stains from environmental pollution and any other corrosive elements of any kind and use of product in which the product was not intended for.

Creative Awnings’s Awnings are not liable for damages to structures where the said awnings was installed or surrounding area. Warranty is void should the awning be repaired or services by an unauthorized dealer or serviceman. Any incurred expenses are not covered by Creative Awnings’s awnings and is the responsibility of the purchaser.

Creative Awnings’s Awnings assume no liability for damages cause by misuse,faulty installations, hurricanes,high wind storms,rain,fire accidents,hail,snow,sleet.heavy downpours, tornadoes,weight created by water pooling or fabric stretching,vandalism,flooding and any acts of God.

Before returning the said Creative Awnings’s Awning defected components, purchaser should contact office for a RA# (return authorization number). Creative Awnings’s shall not be responsible for any labor charges on repairs of any kind.



Helpful Hints for Maintainance

If you find it difficult to clean the fabric: It would be best to leave it for at least 20 minutes in a bleach solution. The solution should contain a quarter cup of plant-based detergent and half a cup of non-chlorine bleach in one gallon of water with a temperature of 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Once twenty minutes are over, use cold water to rinse off the fabric. Do this repeatedly to remove all traces of detergent.

During this procedure, there are a few things to keep in mind. They include:

When you leave the fabric in a non-chlorine bleach solution for an extended period, you expose it to damage. What happens is that the bleach gets rid of water-repellent properties, hence damaging the threads of the material. Therefore, consider giving the fabric a water-repellent treatment, preferably an air-curing fluorocarbon treatment. You can do this using the 303 HiTech Fabric Guard.

After washing Sunbrella fabric, let it dry in open air completely, then store it in properly aerated areas. Note that Sunbrella fabric is often manufactured from the thermoplastic dyed acrylic fiber. So, please keep it away from heat.