About Us

The founder and owner of Creative Awnings, Dominick Ciminiello, started his company at the tender age of 19. Now, he is one of the industry’s captains based in Brooklyn, New York. So, how did he start his awning installation company back in the day? Mr. Dominick Ciminiello started making conventional awnings for a small dealer. Then one day, one of his dealers requested him to put up a retractable fabric awning. The outcome was incredible; this was when his whole life changed for the better. Everyone involved in the project loved this work.

From this moment, he became confident that retractable awnings will undoubtedly take his business to the next level. Subsequently, he made sure he was the ‘go-to’ person of anyone who needs a retractable awning installation around his region. In 1990, Mr. Dominick Ciminiello decided to improve his brand visibility by looking for a producer based in Europe. And you can picture how this was difficult for him. I mean, at that time, there was no internet. So, finding a reliable producer was a big challenge. But the industry veteran was too ambitious to give up.

He teamed up with a particular group that led him to a premium European producer. From there, the company has continually expanded due to its high quality, budget-friendly services and products. Needless to say, all our achievements are due to the immense and constant support we receive from our staff, clients, and dealers.

Thus, anytime you need retractable and solar screen awning installation services, feel free to contact us.

Dominick Ciminiello

Decades Of Experience

Creative Awnings has in the awning business for over 29 years

Today, Creative Awnings has an excellent reputation due to its high standard retractable awnings. The company has been in the industry for over 30 years. Thus, they are the leading distributors for retractable patio and deck awnings in New Jersey and New York. We are the top retractable awning installation company, thanks to our professional staff who deliver 100% customer service. In turn, our customers continue giving us referrals hence expanding our clientele.

We Value Our Customers!

Our company’s main objective has always been to provide quality products and services at affordable prices and develop a strong rapport with our customers. So, you can always count on our professional staff to provide quality installation for you. With us, you rest assured that you will enjoy your retractable awning for more than a decade.

We Offer Value For Money!

We, Creative Awnings®, brand ourselves as primary manufacturers of quality retractable awnings. Thus, if you desire to upgrade your backyard or patio area, you are in the right place. We have a wide range of awning designs, from manual to automatic awnings, which can get operated from the comfort of your couch. Ultimately, our high-quality awnings safeguard you and your house from the harmful effects of the sun far more than you can imagine!

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